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Broken Arm, Broken Dignity


Title: Broken Arm, Broken Dignity

Pairing: Reader x Sam (kind of)

Word Count: 1,158

Request: Anonymous asked - How about imagine one of the Winchesters (you can pick which because why not it’s your blog) breaking their arm so you have to help them put on their clothes.


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“Sam! Quit shoving that fork down there, you’re going to drop it!” You walked over to where Sam was sitting, using his fork from breakfast as a makeshift scratch stick, pushing it as far as he could down into the cast that graced his arm from his hand all the way up past his elbow.

“It itches,” he whined as you took it from him.

“I know, but you already almost lost a pencil down there yesterday. We just need to get you an actual scratcher, like a back scratcher or something.”

“And stop using my utensils, it’s gross! I keep a clean kitchen,” Dean added as he walked by with a bowl of cereal. You rolled your eyes at him, tossing the fork in the sink.

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